“Two days Certificate Workshop in Field Botany” 27&28 DEC 16

Forest Dept cottage

“Two days Certificate Workshop in Field Botany” organised At Mahuli Ecotourism Centre – Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary, Shahapur, Thane.On 27th  & 28th  December 2016.

Participants from diverse academic and research background from various part of the country attended the workshop forming a great group with positive spirit which made the event productive and successful.
Concept of workshop:-
The course covered conventional topics in Field Botany like Diversity of Plants, Morphology, Nomenclature of plants, Systems of Classification, Keys to Important Families of Flowering Plants, Field Data Collection & Herbarium Techniques, Plant Associations & Interactions, Plant Communities in Different Ecosystems (Grasses, Aquatic Plants, Mangroves along with their adaptations).

This course is for beginners in field of botany, plant enthusiasts, ecologists, naturalists, students and wildlife biologists who want to enhance their knowledge of plant taxonomy and allied field. Participants are expected to have some basic knowledge of botany.

Introduction to the place:-
Tansa wildlife sanctuary is located in the Wada, Shahapur and Mokhada Talukas in Thane district of Maharashtra. It is at a distance of only 90 kms from the city of Mumbai. The sanctuary covers an area of around 320 sq. km, houses many rare and endangered species of flora and fauna. The sanctuary comprises the catchment area of Tansa Lake and the surrounding forests of Shahapur, Khardi, Vaitarna and East Wada Ranges... Tansa Lake is one of the largest lakes in the state of Maharashtra which has a capacity to store 3 million gallons of water.

Close to the sanctuary, places of interest includes the famous Mahuli fort, the Mahadeo Temple in Tisla and the Plateau of Suryamal. All of these places possess importance that hold roots in the ancient times and each one of them has a story about itself to tell.

The forest type of the park is mostly southern tropical moist deciduous forests. The dominant tree species are Tectona grandis (Teak), Acacia catechu (Khair), Terminalia tomentosa (Ain), Adina cordifolia (Hed), Mitragyna parviflora (Kalamb), Pterocarpes marsupium (Bibla) etc. Bamboo is also found in patches.

The forests in the sanctuary provide ideal conditions to varieties of birds and animals. The sanctuary has a wide variety of fauna with over 54 species of animals and 200 species of birds. Major wild animals are Panther, Barking deer, Mouse deer, Hyena, Wild boar etc. Avifauna consists of Cacket tailed drongoes, Crested serpent eagles, Woodpeckers, Hornbill, Shrikes, Orioles, Bayas, Bulbuls, Egrets, Lapwings, Paradise flycatcher etc.

Resource persons:

  • Dr. V K Mohan, IFS (Retd.), Addl. PCCF, Govt. of Maharashtra.
  • Dr. Santosh Yadav, Botanist, The Serenity Library & Botanical Garden, Ahmedabad.
  • Dr. Alok Chorghe, Botanical Survey of India, Pune.
  • Mr. Harshad Ainapure, Horticultural Botanist, Nature First Horticultures, Mumbai
  • Mr. Vishal Rasal, Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS), Mumbai.
Inauguration Session:- 

Lighting of lamp 

List of the Participants :-

Sr Name of participants Qualification Profession/Designation City, State
1 Zubeeda Parveen M.Sc. -Zoology Lecturer Indore (M.P.)
2 Ekta Purswani Ph.D. Research fellow Gujarat
3 Anandapriyan M Bsc plant Biology & Biotech Research Fellow Chennai
4 Ajay Singh M.Phil JRF, NEERI Nagpur Nagpur
5 Jyoti Prakash Tagde M.Sc. Botany Lecturer & worked with NEERI Nagpur
6 Parth Sharma M.Sc. Student Navsari,Gujarat
7 Shahid Nawaz Bsc Botany Student, Siddharth college Mumbai
8 Jyoti Kashyap Msc Natural Resource Management Phd Ecology Teri, Delhi Delhi
9 Nikita Engineer BA liberal arts Student symbiosis Pune Mumbai
10 Manan Bhan Msc Env Cgng & Mngmnt Research Associate (Forestry and Climate Change), IORA Ecological Solutions (India)
11 Rohit Sharma  Msc wildlife sicence Kota
12 Caroline alban Pais Msc wildlife sicence, Kota Persuing, Phd Mumbai
13 Akash C Mumbai
14 Aishwaria M BSc Botany, Jaihind College Research Student Mumbai
15 Harshal Poojari Msc Botany Research fellow Palghar
16 Sachin Vilas Rane. Bsc Botany, Bhavans Andheri Research Student Andheri, Mumbai
17 Anurag Karekar Bsc Botany, Bhavans Andheri Research Student Andheri, Mumbai
18 Sonia suri B.Sc. Botany (Hons.).Deshbandhu College, Delhi University Research Student Delhi 
19 Krupasha K Sathe College Research scholar Mumbai
20 Vidhi K
21 Jaismeen kaur B.Sc. Botany (Hons.).Deshbandhu College, Delhi University Research Student Delhi 
22 Ria Mendiratta B.Sc. Botany (Hons.).Deshbandhu College, Delhi University Research Student Delhi 
23 Taruna singh  K. J. Somaiya College  EVS Phd Mumbai
24 Mrs. Shinde Inamdar S. A. M p College  Professor Panvel
25 Purnima Raizada Sinha Ashoka College of Education Professor, Department of Botany Nashik
26 Shruti Pawar Ashoka College of Education Professor, Department of Botany Nashik
27 Gourav Narayan Patna University Research scholar Patna
28 Samadhan Tambewagh Botany,  DR.B.R.AMBEDKAR COLLEGE, CHEMBUR Lecturer  Mumbai
29 Amruta P Lecturer Ratnagiri
30 Afreen S Research Scholar, Botany Pune
Accommodation was provided in a forest cottage/restroom/tent (with toilet/bathroom facility) on multiple sharing basis. 

Simple local vegetarian food, Tea/Black tea, Snacks

How to travel:
Nearest Railway Station: Local-Asangaon (4 km) for Long distance train – Kalyan (47 km). One can Board ( Asangaon or Kasara ) local train from Mumbai CST, Thane, Kalyan Nearest Airport: CST (Mumbai) - 84 km.


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